Hello and welcome to the WLTVRN app! Glad to have you here!

As you probably noticed pretty quickly, our community differs from most others in a few ways. To make it as easy as possible for you to get started and to make sure that (as much as possible) no questions remain unanswered, we've written the following FAQ.


1. Do you want to get my money?!

One word, one syllable or in short: NO!

You can use this app and its features completely for free. There are subscriptions that you can sign up for. However, we created them with the sole purpose of giving you users a completely voluntary way to financially support our work.

As you can probably imagine, we have invested a lot of time, effort and love to get this app up and running. Therefore, we would certainly not be angry if one or the other of you would take out a subscription. 😉

2. Why the tokens?

The tokens give you the chance to participate in the community - in the form of "boosts" or "votes". More about that in a moment...

3. Saying my opinion costs me tokens?

No! There are three types of votes within the WLTVRN app:

  • Token-free votes, where each individual user has exactly one vote.
  • Token-fixed votes, where each vote "costs" a fixed number of tokens
  • Token-variable votes, where you are free to choose how many tokens you want to use to support your opinion.

Why did I put the "costs" in quotes?

Because the used tokens are only frozen until the end of the voting. After the end of the voting you get the bear part back, a small part goes into the so called "community chest", which in turn is distributed to the most active and opinionated members of the community.

Ergo: To say your opinion costs you nothing!

4. Then I ask again: Why the tokens?

We decided to use tokens for the following reasons.

4.1 You might know the sentence: "That's so cool! I'd love to like that twice."

As you probably already noticed, there is no "like button" within the WLTVRN app as you know it from Facebook or Twitter, but the possibility to boost something (e.g. a post or a comment).

While with a like you can only indicate that you like something, Boosts give you the opportunity to express how much you like something.

Another nice side effect: the higher something is boosted, the higher it will be displayed (in the non-chronological view).

4.2 Scarcity

A question for the philosophers among you: What is a Like worth if you have an infinite number of them?

In our opinion not much, which is why we decided to use tokens instead of likes. Since you don't have an infinite number of them at your disposal, you become more selective when it comes to liking or boosting. You will only support what is really important to you, otherwise you will run out of tokens.

5. How do I get new tokens?

There are several ways:

  1. At the start you get 111 tokens from us as a welcome gift, so you can immediately start to participate in the community.
  2. For various predefined actions within the community, you are automatically rewarded by the app for your activity in the form of tokens.
  3. The community chest, which is distributed at regular intervals, collects tokens for the entire community. However, not only the users who are most active are rewarded, but also those who contribute value-added content. Based on the boosts, the algorithm automatically recognizes which members they are.
  4. You can buy additional tokens in the store. However, we are always trying to adjust the algorithm so that you do not have to spend money when using it in the sense of the inventor.
  5. If we notice that we have not adjusted the algorithm sufficiently well, we have the option to manually give out tokens to users. Time will tell... We also need to gather experience first.

6. How often will the community chest be distributed?

There will be weekly, monthly and yearly distributions, which differ in the amount of tokens.

7. Why can't I buy NFTs?

Strictly speaking, our NFTs are eNFTs, where "e" stands for "engagement". They can therefore only be "earned" by participating in community events. It is not possible to buy individual cards. However, a trading place for collecting and exchanging is planned.

Furthermore, we have decided that our NFTs should not only encourage collecting, trading and trading. They should also give their holders special privileges - for example, a guest appearance on the podcast, various fan items, and so on. We already have some ideas to reward your activity within the app. Just let us surprise you. 😊

You still have open questions?

No problem! Just ask us. Krischan and Kris can help you for sure!