Not only is WLTVRN big, but our team is growing and growing.

Christian "Krischan" Maaß

HSV fan since 1979/80, season ticket holder in the former Westkurve - Block F, HSV member since 2010. Co-founder of "BlogPerlen" and since October 2016 podcaster & founder of HSVKlönStuv.


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Kristijan Juric

Content Specialist and Football Market Expert at Liquiditeam. I run my own Substack (a mixture of blog and newsletter) and am lucky enough to be able to chat with nice people about soccer in the #FBDBTT and the HSV Klönstuv.


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Jan Grävendieck

Success fan since '83, likes real corner kicks, white jerseys and Tottenham when HSV is not playing.


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Fiete Börnsen

Formerly Blogperlen, formerly Klönstuv, formerly Volksparkgeflüster, now Klönstuv again. The northern light among the northern lights and the grandpa of the round.


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