Hello everyone and welcome to our WLTVRN app, the very first HSV fan app FROM fans FOR fans!

We are a small group of podcasters, bloggers and soccer fans who all have the rhombus in our hearts and have decided to work even closer together in the future.

WLTVRN Sticker 2

The aim of our project is to create a place on the web where HSV fans can find out all about their heart's club. In doing so, we deliberately allow for a broad spectrum of opinions in order to do justice to the entire fan base.

However, the WLTVRN app is not only intended to inform, we also want to strengthen communication among us fans. Here you can debate, philosophize and, for our sake, even "argue" as your mouth grows - without the trolls of other clubs or the tonality that you are used to from Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Because we make one thing clear in advance: Anyone who completely misbehaves here will be kicked out in the long run - and will stay out! This does not mean that you are not allowed to discuss lively or passionate about the WLTVRN. Quite the opposite in fact! We just follow a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to topics like racism, sexism, hate speech and peppapo.

Join us!

We would like to encourage you not only to read, listen or watch our stuff, but also to contribute something to the community. Under "Participate" you have the possibility to take part in votings or to contribute your own ideas. In "Spaces" you can create your own groups, create new topics or find like-minded people.

As you can see, there is a lot to discover in the WLTVRN app and we are constantly working on expanding the community even further. Just let us surprise you. 😬

We hope you have fun with the app! And don't forget: Only HSV! Because only HSV is a pure world club.

You still have open questions?

Then read the FAQ, which we have written. Alternatively, you can also watch the following video, in which Krischan and Kris explain the app, its functions, etc. briefly and concisely.